SuRun ist freigegeben.

Ich dachte nicht, das SuRun, noch rege verwendet wird und lag anscheinend falsch.
Deshalb habe ich den letzten „Entlassungskandidaten“ heute als Version digital signiert und freigegeben.

2 Reaktionen zu “SuRun”

  1. Chris Daniels

    I am finding conflicts with games launched from „Epic Game Launcher“ It blocks SuRunExt.dll and SuRunExt32.dll, apparently it presumes any attempt to elevate privileges is an attempt to cheat its online games. The only reason I’m running Windows at all is so my nephew can play Fortnite, so I’m not knowlegeable about diagnosing such Windows bugs. Thank you.

  2. Kay

    My Kids play Fortnite too, sometimes directly on my very own PC on which also runs SuRun with all hooks enabled.

    I’m not sure, if I understand your problem correctly.

    I assume that you can’t launch games from „Epic Game Launcher“ because the launcher assumes SuRun is some cheat program.
    If yes, just Disable SuRun’s hooks and Fortnite should start.

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