Die Uhr is a free source public domain skinnable analog clock for Windows XP, 2003 or Vista by Kay Bruns.

DieUhr Screenshot

You are free to use it and it’s source code without restrictions.

Die Uhr uses GDI+ to display composed bitmaps in a layered window.
All Hands are updated every 0.5° (720 times per minute/hour).
That makes them move smoothly.

You can select some options to hide the glass or second hand to lower CPU load.
Transparency and Size or Die Uhr are also adjustable.

You can set Die Uhr to be on top of other Windows and to pass mouse messages through to lower windows. This gives you the opportunity to have Die Uhr transparent on Top of all while working with the programs below.

DieUhr Transparent


Menu items

Scale This adjusts the size of DieUhr
Transparency 20%: almost transparent, 100%: opaque
Skin Select a skin for Die Uhr from the “Skins“ folder
Mouse Pass Through With Mouse Pass Through enabled all mouse clicks and moves go to the window beneath Die Uhr. So you can have Die Uhr on top of other programs while working with them.
NOTE: To do something with Die Uhr while in “Mouse Pass Through“ mode you need to use the ALT+TAB Keyboard commands to select Die Uhr. Die Uhr then temporary disables “Mouse Pass Through“ mode until you set the focus to another program.
Always on Top Puts Die Uhr on top of other windows.
Glass Toggles the visibility of “attach.png“
Seconds Toggles second hand display
Exit Quits Die Uhr


All skin files must be in a separate folder in subdirectory “skins“ in the directory of DieUhr.exe. E.g. “C:\Program Files\Die Uhr\Skins\Wonderful Skin“ if DieUhr.exe is in “C:\Program Files\Die Uhr“. Die Uhr uses four PNG Bitmaps with Alpha Channel to display the clock transparently on the desktop. Those Bitmaps are named the same way as “Alwact Clock“ skin files.

    Main.png Clock background image
    Hour.png Hour Hand bitmap
    Min.png Minute Hand bitmap
    Sec.png Second Hand bitmap
    Attach.png Glass bitmap

The size of the clock is based on main.png. All hand bitmaps must point to three o’clock.
The rotation point for the hand bitmaps is horizontally at 1/3 from the left and vertically in the center:

DieUhr Second Hand

The glass bitmap is centered and clipped to main.png.