SuRun update

Es gibt SuRun Benutzer, die sich wegen Problemen gleichzeitig in die Benutzergruppen „SuRunners“ und „Administratoren“ eingetragen haben. 😯

Dann waren die Probleme weg… jedenfalls die mit SuRun. Dummerweise waren die Benutzer nun Administrator und SuRunner zugleich. SuRun hat das nicht bemerkt und alles schien schön zu laufen. 😕

In der aktuellen Version trägt SuRun den Benutzer immer aus den „Administratoren“ aus und warnt, falls der Explorer als Administrator ausgeführt wird. 🙂

Damit SuRun funktioniert, muss der Windows Dienst „Sekundäre Anmeldung“ gestartet sein.

War das nicht der Fall, meldete Windows äußerst hilfreich „Zugriff verweigert“.

Jetzt prüft SuRun ob der Dienst läuft. Falls nicht, versucht SuRun den Dienst zu starten. Wenn das nicht funktioniert, meldet SuRun, das der Dienst nicht läuft.

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    1. sarmat

      SuRun is the great tool. I’m searched something like it long time. Keep updating it. You can add auto-update function – that can be useful.

      I hope that SuRun don’t have any backdoor. :p

    2. sarmat

      Oh, and one more. You should create english website about this tool. That is a lot better than suDown and should be more popular and that helps for sure.

    3. Kay

      SuRun is a „spare time project“ of mine to keep my Family free from malicious software…
      I’m keeping it updated as users suggest improvements or I’ve got new ideas for it.
      Unfortunately I’m in the process of moving to another state and renovating an old house that became my home. So my spare time is currently very close to zero.
      As I find time, I’ll translate the SuRun pages to english.

    4. sarmat

      I understand. By the way, is there any way to translate SuRun to own language by self?

    5. Kay

      Sure! Get the sources and translate the resource or add a new resource in your language.

      To ease translation you’ll need Visual Studio 6 or newer to edit the resource file. 😉

    6. sarmat

      Ok, I’m translated it to polish. Tested and working. Can you add it to next official release? It can help a lot with future updates. I don’t want to recompile sources all the time. 🙂 I can send you surun.rc and surunext.rc with added polish language.

    7. sarmat

      You can download SuRun.rc and SuRunExt.rc with polish language added here:

    8. Kay

      Got them! …I’ll include them in the SuRun release

      Thanks 🙂

    9. sarmat

      No problem. I’m used it for some time and I have to add some cosmetic changes. There is updated version: . Sorry for problem. 😉

    10. Kay

      Your changes are included and online in SuRun 😉

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